The Importance of a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media has changed the dynamics of the business world and is a great tool to help graduates interact with employers directly. In the HR and recruitment sector, social media is an attractive opportunity to capitalise on. Not only do graduates enjoy interacting with friends and colleagues online, but they also benefit from job referrals, leads, employer recommendations and professional networks.

However, there is a criticism prevailing that social media may not always be the right way to hire. So what is the actual recruitment value in this day and age? Graduates must learn to use social media effectively and know how to be truly authentic online to enhance their reputation and display their talents and skills in the right way. It is also important for them to start the conversation because simply being present on social media is not enough; one must make a pro-active effort to get noticed.

Market Changing

At a global level, more and more businesses are now following a social recruiting model. The biggest challenge for business is to deliver at the right time and not take too long about it. Therefore, what matters the most online is what is getting audience to click, right here and right now. Knowing this helps employers achieve their recruitment objectives, because they do not need to spend time searching for their targeted audience, they can go straight to them.

So it is not just about posting jobs, but engaging with candidate on the right platforms and knowing where and how those candidates are interacting with the internet.


One organisation, HCL, recently conducted recruitment interviews on their social media platforms. This is a great innovation exercise that got rid of much of the arduous and lengthy process of hiring and also empowered their brand online. To reach potential candidates, they tweeted with the hashtag #coolestinterviewer. They shortlisted five different categories of knowledge to get to their chosen candidates. This was a real innovation in recruitment – trying to fill a vacancy in just 140 characters.


Social media recruitment works best  when the businesses follow a strategy. The same goes for graduates who are looking for jobs. It’s not about just applying for a job that has been posted on your Facebook timeline or Twitter. Employers should follow three ‘’Rs’’ when they engage in social media recruiting: relevance, repetition and reach. Graduates must also understand the mechanism behind this. Be relevant with the job description and details, have repetition in your job search by tracking jobs and following your favorite organisations and make sure you reach the right audiences via the right social media platform.