The Importance of a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media has changed the dynamics of the business world and is a great tool to help graduates interact with employers directly. In the HR and recruitment sector, social media is an attractive opportunity to capitalise on. Not only do graduates enjoy interacting with friends and colleagues online, but they also benefit from job referrals, leads, employer recommendations and professional networks.

However, there is a criticism prevailing that social media may not always be the right way to hire. So what is the actual recruitment value in this day and age? Graduates must learn to use social media effectively and know how to be truly authentic online to enhance their reputation and display their talents and skills in the right way. It is also important for them to start the conversation because simply being present on social media is not enough; one must make a pro-active effort to get noticed.

Market Changing

At a global level, more and more businesses are now following a social recruiting model. The biggest challenge for business is to deliver at the right time and not take too long about it. Therefore, what matters the most online is what is getting audience to click, right here and right now. Knowing this helps employers achieve their recruitment objectives, because they do not need to spend time searching for their targeted audience, they can go straight to them.

So it is not just about posting jobs, but engaging with candidate on the right platforms and knowing where and how those candidates are interacting with the internet.


One organisation, HCL, recently conducted recruitment interviews on their social media platforms. This is a great innovation exercise that got rid of much of the arduous and lengthy process of hiring and also empowered their brand online. To reach potential candidates, they tweeted with the hashtag #coolestinterviewer. They shortlisted five different categories of knowledge to get to their chosen candidates. This was a real innovation in recruitment – trying to fill a vacancy in just 140 characters.


Social media recruitment works best  when the businesses follow a strategy. The same goes for graduates who are looking for jobs. It’s not about just applying for a job that has been posted on your Facebook timeline or Twitter. Employers should follow three ‘’Rs’’ when they engage in social media recruiting: relevance, repetition and reach. Graduates must also understand the mechanism behind this. Be relevant with the job description and details, have repetition in your job search by tracking jobs and following your favorite organisations and make sure you reach the right audiences via the right social media platform.

Important Tips for New Graduates

If you have recently graduated from university, then you must be thinking about starting your working life. Entering the workplace is a totally different experience from being in a university.

Here are some important tips for you to remember:

Remember what you have learnt

Your university studies give you a foundation for success. So do not treat your degree as the end result of your education, use it as important tool to help you move on to the next stage of your future and career.

Bo someone that your colleagues will love to help

Be optimistic and have a positive attitude. Love yourself and try to help people around you. Helping each other is the best way that people can survive in difficult situations in life. If you help others, they will help you to succeed.

Don’t assume you’re the smartest person in town

Being down to earth is a great way to make strong relationships in the workplace. Arrogance is definitely not the way to go. Even if you are (always) right, you should remember that you need to keep people on your side. Never forget that teamwork is admired and followed in every organisation.

Make a good first impression

Work on the impression you want to create when you start out in the workplace. It’s difficult to change people opinions once they are formed.

Give your best when you are given a menial task

Do your best when you are given a menial task and keep a smile on your face. This will earn you the respect of your managers and colleagues. So initially, pay your dues; use your energy and dedication to gain greater achievements later on.

Work hard to enjoy success

Stay focussed and productive. Develop a habit of working regularly, efficiently and in a good humour. Good work habits like these are more admirable than simply having a talent in a certain area. So develop yourself along these lines.

Learn to listen, listen to learn.

It’s extremely important to listen to people and concentrate on what they are saying. This is the best way to learn. So use this powerful technique to become a great learner.

Work on your weaknesses and accept them

We all have weaknesses, so learn to compensate for them. There will be moments in your working life when you will be asked to do things which do not play to your strengths, so the best way to handle such a situation is to evaluate yourself and learn as much as you can from other people along the way.


What to pack for short Business Conferences, Networking and Business Trips?

If you are a working woman whose job involves building networks, then you will doubtless find yourself attending plenty of weekend conferences, meetings, business parties etc. It’s very important to dress correctly for these occasions – business trip attire can be very different from normal routine dressing in your office.

So what you should have in your luggage to look good in front of colleagues and new contacts? Here are some tips for your business travel wardrobe:


Bear the geographical location in mind and dress accordingly. For example a beachside conference venue deserve a slightly more relaxed vibe, whereas if a venue is a posh city hotel, then your dress must be more professional.


It’s really obvious to factor in the weather when deciding on your outfit, but check the weather forecast for your destination before packing your bag. The weather can vary from the norm at times and you should go prepared for both indoor and outdoor meetings.

Number of outfits

Plan different outfits for day and night time get together, as per your meeting/conference programme and appointment diary. Try packing three pair of trousers for different occasions, plus three tops, jackets and pairs of shoes plus plenty of decent accessories to help you match or customise the outfits.

Comfort level

Are you comfortable wearing a certain type of dress among the people you are going to have meeting with? Never choose a dress that is stunning but inappropriate for the occasion. Secondly, if you are going to walk around a lot, or have to move between different rooms and stand with different people, then you should not feel like your outfit is constricting or annoying in any way. So pack the clothes which you know fit well, are easy to wear and in which you look absolutely awesome.


Make sure the dresses you wear define your intellect and sincerity. It’s all about making strong networks and friendships, so use your outfits to display your personality and optimistic outlook. The dresses you wear define much of your personality so use colour and patterns as much as you can in the business environment. If you prefer minimalist designs, use this to show off your cool simplicity. Dress to boost your self-confidence and trust in yourself.

Caution! Facebook Users Must Not Damage their Careers

The world is connected through the internet and no business can survive without using it. Employers are normal people who may want to find out about an employee or job candidate through his/her social media profile.

In Germany, it is now banned to short-list candidates based on their social networking profiles. However, despite this law, it’s not impossible for employers to check profiles privately whenever they want.

So if you are a Facebook user and searching for a job, then you should be extra aware of what you are posting online. Here are few tips for you.


Commenting is an adventure in itself because you feel you are in the limelight all the time. So comments can easily get out of control, especially when you are having fun with your friend, discussing his/her new post or picture. Suppose you have posted 4 comments a day since you joined Facebook in 2007. Now you can imagine that you have been published in all kinds of different places over all those years. Make sure, you have presented yourself in as best a light as possible to retain other people’s respect.

Likes & Interests

If you have liked the page, ‘’I hate my boss’’ then either keep your interests and likes completely private or just do not add anybody from your organization as a friend. When you like something, it shows a lot about who you are a person. So make sure you do not like something offensive that will put a prospective employer off.

Profile Picture

Your profile must be inoffensive and modest. Your profile must not look too professional, but it should not be too crazy either.

Photo Albums

If you love posting photos after every party of you posing with beer kegs, then select the highest privacy levels possible. If your photos are based on bikini shots, muscle shots in the bathroom, or anything which is a red flag to a recruiter, then you will never get a positive response from an employer.

Photos of Me 

These are the photos in which your friends have tagged you. If you feel you have been depicted in a way which is damaging to your identity, remove the tag straight away.


Do not risk giving too many details about your religion or politics; this could be highly damanging. Don’t give hiring managers an easy way to eliminate you because of your opinions – feelings can run high on these matters.

Keep your private affairs private 

Go to your Facebook page.

  • Go to your profile
  • Click on ‘settings’ in the top right corner of your screen
  • Click on ‘privacy’ from the list of options on the right hand side
  • You will see plenty of options for setting your privacy.