What to pack for short Business Conferences, Networking and Business Trips?

If you are a working woman whose job involves building networks, then you will doubtless find yourself attending plenty of weekend conferences, meetings, business parties etc. It’s very important to dress correctly for these occasions – business trip attire can be very different from normal routine dressing in your office.

So what you should have in your luggage to look good in front of colleagues and new contacts? Here are some tips for your business travel wardrobe:


Bear the geographical location in mind and dress accordingly. For example a beachside conference venue deserve a slightly more relaxed vibe, whereas if a venue is a posh city hotel, then your dress must be more professional.


It’s really obvious to factor in the weather when deciding on your outfit, but check the weather forecast for your destination before packing your bag. The weather can vary from the norm at times and you should go prepared for both indoor and outdoor meetings.

Number of outfits

Plan different outfits for day and night time get together, as per your meeting/conference programme and appointment diary. Try packing three pair of trousers for different occasions, plus three tops, jackets and pairs of shoes plus plenty of decent accessories to help you match or customise the outfits.

Comfort level

Are you comfortable wearing a certain type of dress among the people you are going to have meeting with? Never choose a dress that is stunning but inappropriate for the occasion. Secondly, if you are going to walk around a lot, or have to move between different rooms and stand with different people, then you should not feel like your outfit is constricting or annoying in any way. So pack the clothes which you know fit well, are easy to wear and in which you look absolutely awesome.


Make sure the dresses you wear define your intellect and sincerity. It’s all about making strong networks and friendships, so use your outfits to display your personality and optimistic outlook. The dresses you wear define much of your personality so use colour and patterns as much as you can in the business environment. If you prefer minimalist designs, use this to show off your cool simplicity. Dress to boost your self-confidence and trust in yourself.