Important Tips for New Graduates

If you have recently graduated from university, then you must be thinking about starting your working life. Entering the workplace is a totally different experience from being in a university.

Here are some important tips for you to remember:

Remember what you have learnt

Your university studies give you a foundation for success. So do not treat your degree as the end result of your education, use it as important tool to help you move on to the next stage of your future and career.

Bo someone that your colleagues will love to help

Be optimistic and have a positive attitude. Love yourself and try to help people around you. Helping each other is the best way that people can survive in difficult situations in life. If you help others, they will help you to succeed.

Don’t assume you’re the smartest person in town

Being down to earth is a great way to make strong relationships in the workplace. Arrogance is definitely not the way to go. Even if you are (always) right, you should remember that you need to keep people on your side. Never forget that teamwork is admired and followed in every organisation.

Make a good first impression

Work on the impression you want to create when you start out in the workplace. It’s difficult to change people opinions once they are formed.

Give your best when you are given a menial task

Do your best when you are given a menial task and keep a smile on your face. This will earn you the respect of your managers and colleagues. So initially, pay your dues; use your energy and dedication to gain greater achievements later on.

Work hard to enjoy success

Stay focussed and productive. Develop a habit of working regularly, efficiently and in a good humour. Good work habits like these are more admirable than simply having a talent in a certain area. So develop yourself along these lines.

Learn to listen, listen to learn.

It’s extremely important to listen to people and concentrate on what they are saying. This is the best way to learn. So use this powerful technique to become a great learner.

Work on your weaknesses and accept them

We all have weaknesses, so learn to compensate for them. There will be moments in your working life when you will be asked to do things which do not play to your strengths, so the best way to handle such a situation is to evaluate yourself and learn as much as you can from other people along the way.


How To Develope Interpersonal Skills


Interpersonal Skills are the organic set of skills which are naturally blessed to a human. Everyone of us use them in our daily settings; the only difference is the amount of using them. Sometimes to use them effectively, or to develop them as per the situation and environment is very important.

Specifically, the interpersonal skills include — how you negotiate, how much is your listening ability, how you evaluate the options to make the right decision, how much you express yourself, what you talk and how you do it, how you use body language to say it.

Following are the few ways highlighted which can be considered to polish your Interpersonal Skills

How To Enhance Your Listening Skills:

Listening-Effectively comes with the technique of focusing the content which has been said rather than your silence to let the other person speak. While you listen; obviously the natural way of your perceiving and understanding would affect your evaluation of what has been said. What really matters is whether you evaluate a person negatively or positively and the meaningful reasoning for doing so. If you believe you are excessively negative evaluator; you may want to read how to be positive in life.

Support and Motivate

There is science of receiving and understanding things while the other person speak to you. Giving them respect, saying sentences which appreciate them as who they really are and noticing any positive things they said and encouraging them on the same will make people feel worthy and valuable. Some people might take this point wrong, supporting and motivating others does not really mean you have to support them for wrong things they say to you; it actually means how you indirectly make them question their negative actions. For example, your primary focus would be on indirect feedback rather than direct feedback — indirectly clarifying yourself would involve respecting and disagreement at the same time.

Making An Eye Contact With Selective People

The new research by Frances S. Chen of the University of British Columbia in Canada suggests that ”Making an Eye Contact May Not Be Such A Good Idea”. The study further says that eye contact signifies dominance and may provoke resistance to persuasion. Therefore, making an eye contact in individualistic cultures may be more welcoming, however in collective cultures — people could have tendencies to grasp it as something opposite to respect, love and care.

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Nestle’s Decision On Creating 1900 UK Jobs

Recently, Nestle gave the statement that it will be creating 1900 jobs and work placements in the UK and this will be continued for next three years. It further has called for other big companies to ”step up” and help the youth by addressing unemployment.

A Populus study commission by Nestle has following findings regarding employment:

  • 90pc of business leaders feel that due to absence of necessary skills; school leavers are unable to start work.
  • 53pc of bosses said that youth did not know how to make themselves present in a meeting.
  • 48pc said they did not know how to meet deadlines.
  • 30pc said that work experience programmes are a valuable contribution to their firm which have been designed.
  • 28pc of companies said they had a connection with their local college/school. This has been labeled as a key problem by Nestle.

Ms Kendrick, Commissioner for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, said: ”Sadly young people in the UK and Ireland are stuck in a catch-22 situation. They can’t get a job without experience, but can’t get experience without a job. Companies need to help young people escape from this trap. As employers we value young people with experience, so we have to provide young people with enough opporunities to gain it.”

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How To Dress Up For a Sales Job

Professional Dressing

Professional Dressing

Knowing and believing that every one has a unique appearance and different things suit different people; still it is suggested to keep in mind the code of conduct of the organization and dressing up in a way which suits the organizational culture. Therefore, following few tips are given so that you can review and consider what you should be wearing to become professionally desirable.

Know your company’s dress code

It’s very important to know what is your company’s dress code. Go through any literature which states key points when you get hired or ask your immediate supervisor.

Know your clients expectations

When you dress up nicely and professionally; that makes your client feel that you respect them. This is also an essential part of meeting their expectations. Further, men should wear black with neutral combination and sophisticated tie colors. Women should wear black with patterned pants or skirts with decent colored tops. The dress should have the perfect fitting otherwise a loose shirt does not really look neat and tidy.

Know what your clients wear

It is recommended by Steve VerBurg, who is CEO of Business Empowerment Inc., that one can have a dressing one step above the prospective client. If you have got a meeting with the company, you should have the dress code same as their.

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Why choosing Video CV?


The career establishment and winning a dream job is the main goal of every graduate today. This process is one of the biggest challenge for every candidate considering the tough job market and increasing unemployment rates. In fact, the unemployment has serious psychological impacts in many cases. Continue reading

Is Video CV really effective?


In todays time and age, organizational success largely depends upon human resource and their decisions plus balanced personalities to handle the change in the market. For this reason, competition is increasing among fresh graduates to win the hiring procedure and making themselves desirable in the job market.

Now what are the best ways to grab attention of the employer?

The job market has become such like where the thing which is new to the eye gets noticed first. That means things which are common, are already discovered and known do not have any attraction in them. Similarly, a person with new captivating personality would get noticed which has ability to stunned employer with his wisdom and intelligently translating appearance.

One survey results show that over 95 percent of employers give high importance to one thing while choosing candidates and that is personality. The survey was conducted with 200 employers.

Employer always take into consideration candidates adjusting/fitting potential in an organizational culture. Great confidence, excellent communication skills, command over different languages and attitude matters a lot.

The problem is that traditional CVs are really too confined to give exact picture of what you are all about. This is one of the main reasons why video CVs perform the role of showing your full personality and why it is being preferred by so many employers. In fact, watching a brief video save so much time of the employer to screen candidates and making final decision of short-listing the highest-potential candidates.

A video resume is just a one-minute video recording where you give your full introduction to the employer. This is the best idea to show if you are organized and have a composed personality or if you talking patiently or have scattered conversations.

Secondly, it is very important to avoid one misconception about video CV that it is not a replacement for the actual CV but is a complimentary tool which allows you to highlight the areas which cannot be easily proven by the traditional CV.

Nowadays, many students are preparing to learn video resumes. It is important to reveal certain traits that are possibly more valuable than the GPA and degrees. Further, when you want to prove yourself and have hard worked for it then this really show in your overall personality which is a knowledge in itself.

To help graduates regarding video CV-making, ”Meet The Real Me” recruitment agency is a great choice since it offers best video CV services.

The Top 10 Media Sales Recruitment Agencies

Its very important to mention that not only your degrees but special skills actually win you great positions in the field of media, mass-communication, TV-Production, Personal-Relation Marketing, Journalism and so on. All the graduates must realize that there is a very competitive market out there and its of primary significance to build brilliant resources to be different among the crowd. It also counts alot through which mediums you are applying for the job. Following are the top 10 media sales recruitment agencies which would help you applying for a job.

1. Meet the Real Me

This agency brings you number of services e.g. video profiling, job advertisement opporunities for employers and extensive job search which includes different number of media sales jobs.


There are targeted media recruitment services for employers and have got diversified media jobs for job seekers e.g. event jobs, content jobs, sales jobs, marketing and PR jobs, creative and technical jobs, digital media and opertions jobs, intellectual property jobs, media planning and buying jobs and so much more.

3. Round8

This agency has three different teams to satisfy each target market e.g. sales, agency and ad operations. Sales team bring all the extensive data on sales jobs. Agency team work on the services for agencies. Ad operations roles are to advertising operations to clients and businesses with related concerns.

4. Liptonfleming

This agency works on placing candidates in sectors from media buying and publishing to social media and sites. Also offers extensive job search.

5. Media Recruitment UK

This agency offers both clients and PR candidates first class solution with PR recruitment needs.

6.  The Guardian

This agency has absolutely extensive job search portfolio which includes job ads from almost all fields.

7. Mediaweekjobs

It offers widest range of media jobs available from media sales jobs to business development jobs, graduate media jobs to more senior media jobs throughout the UK.

8. Graduate Recruitment

This agency offer graduates find excellent jobs with a huge range of size of employer, predominantly in the media, digital and corporate sectors.


This website list as a five thousand media brands over the internet and keeps updating all type of media jobs.

10. Indeed.Co.UK

This website will lead you straight to the page where you can search any type of jobs you wish to.