Unemlpoyed? Ever thought about volunteering to help people?

Continuous learning makes you an expert and experience gained through helping others can help you learn even more. If you face continuous job rejections, you might like to start helping others to improve your future employment chances and to boost your CV. Options for volunteering are pretty much endless ; you can teach languages, for example, offering online English tuition; you can travel further from home to help people affected by a flood or earthquake. You can join a community project or use your skills to teach someone to read a newspaper etc.

Volunteering is a very popular way to help others and learn new skills. Fresh graduates seeking experience aligned wither their educational qualifications can start out in this way before moving on to paid work when the opportunity arises. You may not be paid for voluntary work, but it will boost your CV and your reputation for contributing to the wider world in a positive, selfless way.

Start your hunt for voluntary work by making a list of organisations within close proximity to your current location. You will probably find several not-for-profit, religious, emergencies, environmental and other organisations. Decide what you are most interested in and what services you can provide. It’s not always the case that your skills will match a current vacancy, but there is no harm in getting in touch to let an organisation know that you are keen to help. There may be an opportunity in the future for volunteering, or even an internship.

One of the other benefits of doing volunteer work is that you will meet some interesting people along the way. This is an excellent way of building connections who could potentially help you find paid work later on. You will work with experienced managers who can advise you and put in a good reference for you.

There are even more chances for you to get hired by the organisation company for whom you will be working, if a paid vacancy arises.

There is a great need for literacy-volunteer these days. Tutors who can help people understand a different language are in great demand,since so many people from around the world are moving to English-speaking countries. Even people who can speak English well may need help with reading, writing and spelling so thatb they too can improve their employment prospects and social life.

Voluntary tutors should be enthusiastic and knowledgeable. If you want to be a tutor, you must be readily available to help your students and happy to treat individuals with respect, recognise their talents and values and create a comfortable learning environment for them. A good tutor is also well-organised, with a positive approach towards life and the ability to explain things . He or she encourages students to ask questions without fear of ridicule and always show interest in students’ progress.

If you cna do all this and are happy to volunteer in this way, you will achieve satisfaction in your role and a wealth of valuable experience . You will also be able to search for paid work with much more confidence and, hopefully, success, next time round.