Five tips for graduating arts students

Art students face stiff competition when it comes to showcasing their talent after graduating from higher education. As soon as art students finish their degree, if not before, they should be thinking about how they are going to secure gainful employment.

Students of the arts have normally spent hours learning, creating and performing, so should have plenty of ideas to help them produce top quality songs, monologues, scripts or artwork.

Here are five essential tips to follow on graduating from your arts institution.

Find a non-performing hobby

When you get into working life, you will immerse yourself in your art. You will meet plenty of other people with similar interests, working in the same industry. So it’s important to have a break and do something really different during your time off, to achieve a perfect balance in your life. So consider taking up other performance arts, or get active by pumping weights at the gym or joining a sports team. You could even take up knitting…

Find out who YOU are

During your studies, you might have been typecast as a villain or romantic lead, or expected to paint or draw in a certain style. But now you are starting work, you no longer need to limit yourself to such roles. There is more in all of us than we think there is. So explore who you really are and find out what you can really do. By challenging yourself, you may bring more to the table and win things that you never thought possible..

Create a great support network

Never take the support of those who love you for granted. Always value your network of friends and family and show your appreciation to them. Share your ideas, successes and defeats with them and ask for their honest suggestions for what you have to do next to progress further in life.

Introduce positive thoughts, every day

If you face lots of rejections, try not to lose hope, but  think positive instead. Have a positive mindset and remember that things are seldom as bad as they seem. Positivity does not eliminate negative things happening, but it does give a stronger mindset to help you deal with them. It gives a purpose in life and the hope that the best is yet to come. So tell yourself daily that you are awesome, and you will eventually get the things in life which are right for you.

Everyone is different, so stop comparing yourself

Everyone has a different journey in life. You might fall in the same artistic category, but at the end of the day you are an individual. So do not compare yourself with others. Some people get employed straight away while others take longer to find what suits them. It’s easy to dwell on rejections and say, ‘’Why me?’’ but you must realise that you are not alone. So be patient and trust yourself. If things are not happening for you, then make them happen by reading inspiring books, writing show/ scripts/ cabarets and getting your name out there by any means possible.