Healthy Conflict at Work

resolving conflict at workAvoiding conflict at work is not always a good idea, and it could even damage your career. Many career experts seem to agree on this point.

People who say ‘’yes’’ to everything are not always the best kind of colleague. Managers believe that such passive employees kill productivity, innovation and creativity. Workplace cultures normally do not welcome personality traits such as unhappiness or anger, nor people who love to spread gossip. But workers who challenge the status quo are always good to have around to keep things fresh in the workplace.

When conflict is healthy, it sparks competition, drives innovation and facilitates change. A culture where individuals regularly challenge the norm helps everyone get ahead in their careers.

So when can one have conflict and be justified?

A healthy debate:

Suppose, you do not agree when someone has recommended something. First see if you’re in a position to disagree with them. If you are, then make sure your argument has logic. Also listen to what other people are saying; listen to them and the pros and cons of thier point of view. In response, you can then present how you think about things. This whole situation then turns into a healthy debate, which is good for business.

Prevention of major quarrels:

It’s not appropriate to stick stubbornly to your argument when the other party is also not flexible enough to change theirs. It’s extremely important that a solution is found and the conflict managed in the right way without any quarrels. So just take a step back and see if you could be in the wrong and think about the differences you have with the other party. Do so before it’s too late and before they take more aggressive steps against you.

To strengthen collaboration:

When you challenge people’s thoughts and ideas, you should explore what they think and why, as well as why they act the way they do. If you can overcome the difficulty via a valuable discussion, you can strengthen the working relationship, along with presenting a solution for the project or task in hand. So you need to pro-actively manage the disagreement. A team which successfully resolves disagreements and disparity can actually become more productive and stronger than before.

Providing opportunities:

It’s rare for one individual to have all the answers. In business, it’s not possible for one employee to foresee all the challenges and issues that the organisation will encounter. Conflict helps mitigate against the drawbacks and to work towards the right solution. The whole process is very effective for one’s growth  too, as one develops new opinions, thoughts and ideas.

Do not fear conflict

Accept the fact that conflict is a normal part of the working day. Respect to other people’s feelings and thoughts. Control your emotions and maintain professionalism. Concentrate on the facts while you present your argument and  give full recognition to other people’s contributions and opinions. Watch your words and body language too.


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