Achieving a Work/Life Balance

work life balanceIf you are not committed and determined in life, you won’t be able to compete and survive in the long run. Therefore, its important to meet challenges and energise oneself.

If you have your own business, you can enjoy the flexibility of having time to spend with family, as well as the space to develop your business. However, it is not always easy to stop the work, and business owners can end up working harder and longer than average employees. It’s a challenge to balance your work and life. But it is a very important thing to achieve, and with just little effort, one can easily distribute one’s time and enjoy both working life and leisure time effectively.

Here are some tips to ensure a healthy work/life balance and to be an achiever and not a go-getter.

Decide your priorities:

Decide what is most important to you. If you work less, it will affect productivity. However, if you neglect your leisure time, your family and health can suffer. So you must allocate your time wisely. Make a list of tasks and see what you should be doing first and what can wait. Then, delete the stuff which is unnecessary and just a pointless distraction.

Set boundaries

Decide and structure your working hours. Make a schedule, which includes regular exercise, such as a brisk walk  at a set time every day. Unplanned events will, of course crop up, but by planning for known workm commitments and including time for walking, you will be able to work out a rough timetable and still have space to relax. Also make sure, your friends and family do not disturb you during your working hours – let them know when you are free to spend time with them instead, and make sure you stick to it so they don’t feel second best to your work..

Reduce usage of gadgets

Reduce your usage of your mobile phone, laptop and tablet. Focus time on your personal relationships when you are at home, rather than constantly going online. Try to practice this every day and switch off all gadgets while you are taking your family meals. This will make other people feel good around you and relish your undivided attention.

Track your time

Review how much time you spend doing each task on your list. This will help you to save time on a daily basis. Eliminate things which are not productive, or work out how you can achieve them in a more time-efficient way. We often fall into a routine and never alter it or realising that some things are no longer all that important.

Set free time

Take ‘’time off’’ for yourself. If you give your all to your work during the week, reward yourself at the weekends. This ndoesn’t necessarily mean booking expensive holidays; you can go for staycations, visiting places in your local area. The change of routine will help you stay productive, healthy and motivated.

Consider Change

If you believe it’s totally impossible to balance your work and leisure time, perhaps it’s time to consider a change in career. LIfe is too short for regrets!