How Good Resume Designs Outperform The Bad Ones!

resume 1

This is the CV format which has extensively been used by graduates worldwide and is extemely conventional. Its a clear message to the employer that graduate must have downloaded the template, simply put his own information and emailed the resume. Using this one, also shows that graduate did not put any effort is making it successful.

resume 2

This one is different because of the picture added but still it follows the same design. The CV-maker only has increased the font size which does not have any strong impacts to impress the CV-examiner.

resume 3

The prominent part of the CV are as follows:

1. Thick borders added with professional color.
2. To convince the employer of candidate’s know-how of latest technological networks and participation, ┬áthe candidate has disclosed information about his social media accounts and put them right on the top of the CV. This is something of a great significance which gives an opporunity to the employer to explore more about the candidate in a realistic manner.
3. Further, the CV is covering everything on a single page with elegance and grace.

resume 4

Though the candidate tried to make it well by changing the background and adding social media accounts at the bottom but still this has not been handled effectively. Therefore, usage of the design is also an important factor while making the CV.

resume 6This is certainly one of the best designs. The colors are making it so interesting that employer won’t reject it without giving it a thorough read.

Each of the element e.g. About Me, Experience, Contact details are represented in a meaning-ful way.