Why choosing Video CV?


The career establishment and winning a dream job is the main goal of every graduate today. This process is one of the biggest challenge for every candidate considering the tough job market and increasing unemployment rates. In fact, the unemployment has serious psychological impacts in many cases.

The first and foremost step is to introduce yourself to the employer. A perfect resume has been the top method to be followed by candidates over the last few decades.  A new revolution and advancement to the traditional CV is the complimentary live recording of the candidates personality which is known as video resume. This is one of the most attractive and potential opportunities for the candidate to showcase his capability of inventing the future and practically proving to the employer how his personality can be a great positive influence to the organizational culture.

The benefit for the employer is that it allows his employer to confirm the skills which have been mentioned in the paper CV and saving time and money which requires initial face to face interview with the candidate which is the second step of the recruitment process. Therefore, video CV is the greatest cost reduction in the recruitment process.

In addition to this, video CV is the usage of advanced technology and the excessive sharing opporunities on social media websites which further contributes towards branding of the overall personality.

The growing popularity of the video CVs is the result of employer’s acceptance of it and adopting it as authentic part of the recruitment process. This is applicable to great number of organizations worldwide involved into different nature of businesses. Now, it has become an interesting topic for all parties involved how to improve the rationale behind video CVs and making it more objective.

How to do the recording?

Get a high quality digital camera or camcorder and find an ideal location to record the best shot.
Have the best dressing same like if you are going for a an interview.
Go for several trial practices and see how you are performing. And then make the final recording.
Make sure the background must not be busy and transparent.
Do not read your resume rather present yourself in a realistic manner.
Keep the CV brief, interesting and fresh.
Keep it within the limits of professional articulation and handle it very carefully as its going viral which if seen by majority people; becomes your identity.

Following are the 5 best video CV websites; graduates would like to access and benefit from.

Meet The Real Me:

The website offers video resume and video interview services, opportunities for employers to publish job ads and job seekers can benefit from large job search. In addition to this, the website offers fully integrated API service to employers which embed the API into the job advertisement and when candidates click on the ad; they are then walked through the video creation application process. It benefits job boards, year-round recruiters and businesses with large recruitment processes. Further, the website offers initial free trials to employers, has got partnerships with universities which allows them to attract students and record their videos on video cv booth.

The website also provides fantastic service to employers to undertake the bespoke video interviews in which ready-made questions are asked to pre-selected candidates. This in turn allows job seekers to record their answers on video and showcase their capabilities.

CV Video Resumes:

CV Video Resumes offers plenty of services e.g. do’s and don’ts while writing video resume, tips on body language, how should be the video resume script, the sample interview questions normally asked by employers, the star method for behavioral interviewing, how to record the video resumes and much more.

Spark Hire:

On this website, job seekers have a chance to make video profiles, taking extensive help on making the video resumes and employers can benefit from undertaking video interviews by viewing the recorded video responses of candidates.

Video Recruit:

Candidates can find jobs, view company videos, upload their own videos and request video references. Companies can see and listen to candidates, advertise jobs and add company recruitment videos. Recruiters can add company video, find new recruits, promote candidates and feature jobs.


The website give variety of video cv creation services which comes in different packages. For example, video cv services with beginning and closing sections in line with professional practices. This is especially done with their own professional camera in a professional studio and lightening equipments.

Video Interview

The website offers special softwares to employers. For example, candidates can take the interviews at any place which does not require travel costs using a webcam or mobile. Further, job agencies can integrate own branding and use client area to share video interviews and candidates with customers, can also enjoy joint editing with video introductions. Clients can even rate responses on their favourite mobile device.

Online Video CV

The website have the online video cv business which is not simply to provide clients with the product and a service, but to develop strategic partnerships with clients in order to continuously address their changing needs.

Talking Edge Studios

The website has a unique e-commerce application, for booking, managing and hosting out clients videos. The software solution is designed to streamline and manage the video production process for ”Talking Head” style communication video. The platform can also be licensed and customised for video production companies and corporate communication departments.

Talking CV

Talking CV is a video interview process that allows candidates to record their video CV/ Video resume from web enabled PC. The recorded video CV can then be viewed via a unique URL link. The recruiter version is a virtual anywhere video interview process that once recorded allows applicant details to be shared with colleagues and clients — anytime — anywhere.

Hire Vue

The website offers video recruiting, professional recruiting, hourly recruiting, mobile recruiting, college recruiting, retail recruiting, professional staffing, succession planning, exit interviews, workforce transitions, mergers and acquisitions.


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