Is Video CV really effective?


In todays time and age, organizational success largely depends upon human resource and their decisions plus balanced personalities to handle the change in the market. For this reason, competition is increasing among fresh graduates to win the hiring procedure and making themselves desirable in the job market.

Now what are the best ways to grab attention of the employer?

The job market has become such like where the thing which is new to the eye gets noticed first. That means things which are common, are already discovered and known do not have any attraction in them. Similarly, a person with new captivating personality would get noticed which has ability to stunned employer with his wisdom and intelligently translating appearance.

One survey results show that over 95 percent of employers give high importance to one thing while choosing candidates and that is personality. The survey was conducted with 200 employers.

Employer always take into consideration candidates adjusting/fitting potential in an organizational culture. Great confidence, excellent communication skills, command over different languages and attitude matters a lot.

The problem is that traditional CVs are really too confined to give exact picture of what you are all about. This is one of the main reasons why video CVs perform the role of showing your full personality and why it is being preferred by so many employers. In fact, watching a brief video save so much time of the employer to screen candidates and making final decision of short-listing the highest-potential candidates.

A video resume is just a one-minute video recording where you give your full introduction to the employer. This is the best idea to show if you are organized and have a composed personality or if you talking patiently or have scattered conversations.

Secondly, it is very important to avoid one misconception about video CV that it is not a replacement for the actual CV but is a complimentary tool which allows you to highlight the areas which cannot be easily proven by the traditional CV.

Nowadays, many students are preparing to learn video resumes. It is important to reveal certain traits that are possibly more valuable than the GPA and degrees. Further, when you want to prove yourself and have hard worked for it then this really show in your overall personality which is a knowledge in itself.

To help graduates regarding video CV-making, ”Meet The Real Me” recruitment agency is a great choice since it offers best video CV services.


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