The Top 10 Media Sales Recruitment Agencies

Its very important to mention that not only your degrees but special skills actually win you great positions in the field of media, mass-communication, TV-Production, Personal-Relation Marketing, Journalism and so on. All the graduates must realize that there is a very competitive market out there and its of primary significance to build brilliant resources to be different among the crowd. It also counts alot through which mediums you are applying for the job. Following are the top 10 media sales recruitment agencies which would help you applying for a job.

1. Meet the Real Me

This agency brings you number of services e.g. video profiling, job advertisement opporunities for employers and extensive job search which includes different number of media sales jobs.


There are targeted media recruitment services for employers and have got diversified media jobs for job seekers e.g. event jobs, content jobs, sales jobs, marketing and PR jobs, creative and technical jobs, digital media and opertions jobs, intellectual property jobs, media planning and buying jobs and so much more.

3. Round8

This agency has three different teams to satisfy each target market e.g. sales, agency and ad operations. Sales team bring all the extensive data on sales jobs. Agency team work on the services for agencies. Ad operations roles are to advertising operations to clients and businesses with related concerns.

4. Liptonfleming

This agency works on placing candidates in sectors from media buying and publishing to social media and sites. Also offers extensive job search.

5. Media Recruitment UK

This agency offers both clients and PR candidates first class solution with PR recruitment needs.

6.  The Guardian

This agency has absolutely extensive job search portfolio which includes job ads from almost all fields.

7. Mediaweekjobs

It offers widest range of media jobs available from media sales jobs to business development jobs, graduate media jobs to more senior media jobs throughout the UK.

8. Graduate Recruitment

This agency offer graduates find excellent jobs with a huge range of size of employer, predominantly in the media, digital and corporate sectors.


This website list as a five thousand media brands over the internet and keeps updating all type of media jobs.

10. Indeed.Co.UK

This website will lead you straight to the page where you can search any type of jobs you wish to.


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