Employers urge that Apprenticeships can be more useful than hiring Graduates

According to City and Guilds, which awards apprentices, surveyed 500 employers and found that employers value apprenticeships more than university graduates. This poll took into account 500 employers and found that half had hired apprentices, and 52% found them to be more productive than graduates, and can be more affective when filling that ‘graduate jobs’.

Apprenticeships allow students to gain experience and start earning earlier meaning they have no graduate debt. However if you put a graduate and an apprentice in the same role, 9 times out of 10 the graduate will out perform the apprentice. This is because the graduate has been trained in project work, theory, working to deadlines. The benefit of an apprentice is that they come a lot cheaper at the start.

Usually people who perform apprenticeships do so because they haven’t achieved the required grades to attend university, or they don’t have enough money to fund themselves on a degree course. More likely now tuition fees have been increased, which has meant that there is an increase in apprenticeship applications.

Does this mean that university is going to become a less likely choice, with so many graduates unemployed and rising tuition fees, the benefits of an apprenticeship far outweigh taking a degree. Yet apprenticeships are often just a way of training someone in a single role, whereas university can bring out the talent and potential in peoples ability.

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